Nails FAQ

Why would I wear artificial nails? 

Wearing a set of artificial nails helps to give your hands a perfectly manicured look. The artificial nail enhancements may be advantageous for those suffering from constant broken nails, damaged nails, short and constantly split nails. A set of nails can be customized by choosing the length, shape, and color effects. An artificial set of nails can look natural and make the hands look very attractive. At Her Beauty & Lash Lounge, we specialize in UV gel techniques.  

What are Acrylic and Porcelain nails?

Acrylic nails are a combination of a liquid monomer and a powder polymer. They create a hard protective layer over your natural nails. The product hardens as it is exposed to the air. Acrylic is transparent. Porcelain nails are very similar except that the style is pink and white to create the frenched look. 

What are UV Gel Nails?

UV gel is brushed onto the nail and then cured to create a hard protective layer over the natural nails. The result is a strong yet slightly flexible natural looking nail with a glossy finish. 

Why are UV Gel nails better than Acrylic and Porcelain?

UV Gel nails for the win, over here at Her Beauty & Lash Lounge!

Although, Acrylic and Porcelain nails are strong and tough; the process can be damaging to the natural nails. The process of having acrylic or porcelain nails applied is more prone to thinning the natural nail bed over time, because it involves using a strong primer which strips nails of their natural oils and tools must be used with more strength because the Acrylic material is very tough. These nails will tend to lift and yellow because of their lack of flexibility. Acrylic and porcelain is mostly recommended for those who are very tough on their nails or like to sport a longer than natural look. 
UV Gel nails are more gentle on the natural nail bed. The UV Gel material is more flexible and easier for your nail technician to work with ensuring gentler handling. The UV Gel application is generally thinner than acrylic, yet it is just as durable because the flexibility of the UV Gel is more compatible with the natural nail. This yields a more natural and attractive look on the fingers. 

Is it possible to have artificial nails applied to my very small natural nails? 

Of course! Small nail beds are challenging to nail technicians but not impossible. In some instances, Acrylic can be better for very small natural nail beds because it has more buildability than UV Gel. As long as the technician is fully experienced they will be able to give you the long, beautiful nails you’ve always dreamed of. 

Is the electric filing tool damaging to my nails?

Any tool used incorrectly will cause damage. The electric filing tool is used to speed up the removal of artificial nails and to quickly file down the unnecessary parts during the process of building artificial nails. As a nail technician, being proficient with this tool is extremely important. 

What is Shellac? 

Say goodbye to the days of carefully applying nail polish, waiting for hours while it dries, only to wear it for a couple of days until it chips and peels. Shellac is a gel nail polish that is applied in layers and cured under UV light. It offers many advantages that have revolutionized the everyday manicure; it is shiny, durable, and chip resistant for up to two weeks. There is zero drying time with the Shellac polish, it’s good to go right away! Shellac can be applied over artificial nails as well as on natural nails, The removal process uses acetone to soak away the Shellac. Our Shellac manicure and application services include the removal process so you don’t need to stress about removing the polish yourself.   

How can I aid my nail technician and ensure the my nail service goes smoothly? 

Sit up straight in your chair directly facing the technician so they have easy accessibility to both of your hands. Try to keep your hands as relaxed and malleable as possible so the technician can keep their posture in mind as well while able to manoeuvre your hands into the best position to work with.