Her Beauty & Lash Lounge is proud to boast about our lash services as one of the leading salons for eyelash extensions in the National Capital Region completing over 130 sets of lashes every month. At approximately 150 mink lashes per set, that’s over 19,500 individual lashes applied every month! Every set is customized to meet your desired look. Let our team of lash experts meticulously design your new lash look; bold, flirty, dramatic, natural … or all of the above.

How to Achieve Your Best Set of Lashes

  • Please arrive on time. We need to use the full 90 minutes to give you the best possible service and the most beautiful set of lashes.

  • Please arrive early if you need to remove your mascara or remove any mascara or eye make-up prior to your appointment. Remember, your new set of lashes will adhere best to squeaky clean lashes. 

  • Reduce your facial movement and hand movements as much as possible during the service. *Think relaxing thoughts*

  • Make sure to use the bathroom before your appointment begins. You’ll be lying down for 90 minutes and we don’t want to rush through the final stretch. 

  • Let us know your lash goals.  We are able to customize the look you want. Just let us know where to focus; length, thickness, curl. Show us a picture of your favourite lash look. 

  • Lay back, relax, and let us take care of you!

Check Out Our Video To See How It's Done!

Have A Fabulash Day