Lash Aftercare

Hey gorgeous! Congrats on your new set of lashes. Here’s how to prolong your new glamorous look. 

  • Avoid getting your fresh lashes wet for 24 hours. 

  • Use a mascara spooley (clean and free of mascara) to gently brush your lashes into place post shower.

  • Pat dry anytime you get your set wet.

  • Use a lash conditioner to prolong the life of lashes. 

  • Avoid using mascara, as this can dissolve the adhesive and shorten the lash life. If you must, please use a mascara specially designed for lashes. (yes, we carry this)

  • Use oil-free make up removers and be careful not to get this product directly on your new lashes. Or, use our specially designed eye make up remover to cleanse away make up and natural oil build up without degrading the lash glue. 

  • Avoid picking or pulling at your new lashes, as this can pull out your natural lashes and coat your lashes in natural oils found on your fingers which will wear the adhesive.  

Lash Aftercare